Saturday, June 5, 2010

As the first representative of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's Party Committee, I would like to welcome you to the 3rd Pyongyang International Arts Festival.

We hope to raise some important questions, such as, "why?" or "too soon?" or "what time does it finish?" or "can I f*ck you?"

The 3rd Pyongyang International Arts Festival will make you think. Don't worry, Comrade, the concept is easy to understand. The theme, Weapons of Mass Adulation, holds tremendous promise. We have done the theme such justice, it has re-written the book on art shows. 

Our lineup is a staggering tribute to adulation. Datuk Ray Langenbach has been gracious enough to share with us his thoughts on Juche. As an American, he holds special insight on this topic. Fahmi Fadzil and Mark Teh chase the dream of political legitimacy in their World Cup installation. We are especially proud of the participation of Abang Guard and Ciplak, two bands that pride themselves on asking questions. Special thanks to those of you who gave their lives for your country.

The festival carries a straightforward message. That message is: I don't know. I forgot. It has something to do with making fun of ourselves.

There is a great demand for art shows like the 3rd Pyongyang International Arts Festival in the heart of KL. For several reasons. First, it is site-specific. Second, it can cause serious injury. Third, it won't be around tomorrow. Fourth, it is within walking distance of a mamak.

If you are beautiful, stuck up, a "lucky one," or an animal lover, you will surely enjoy yourself.

Park Lin Kin
* * *

The Supreme Leader encourages us to tweet about this event. Use the #3PIAF hashtag.

The Supreme Leader is a shrewd paymaster. Please donate to us, if you like half-assed, oddball, tongue-in-cheek, one-night-only, high-concept events. Preferably an arm and a leg.
BONUS: Your name will be entered in the Hall of Fame.
Performance Schedule
20:30 Line up, Capitalist Pig-dogs!
21:00 Official launch with Datuk Langenbach
21:15 Lecture: "the ethical and moral implications of Juche"
21:30 Official tour + Ciplak set
22:00 Jun Kit
22:15 Wonderboys
22:30 Daniel Chong
22:45 Wong Siew Jye
23:00 Abang Guard For Prevention
23:15 Fireworks show by the Best Art Show in the Univers

Ground Floor
Performance Room
See Performance Schedule
Games Room
Democratic People's Republic of Korea's Road to the World Cup (Mark Teh and Fahmi Fadzil installation)
Chat Roulette
DMZ tourist trap
Broken Toilet
Relieve yourself somewhere else nearby.

Water Closet

First Floor
A video installation of a mutating face. Watch out for a special performance by HKPT.

Flica & Fairuz Sulaiman Room
Bathed in a watery light installation by Fairuz Sulaiman, Flica will be performing on and off the whole night.
Museum Room
MK-0 Dong Tiger Missiles
DMZ Table
Mrs. Kim Jong Il's artwork
Multifunction shovel video
Torture Room
We took lots of effort with this installation, please check it out.

1 comment:

  1. eh? dang... why i only found out abt this in nov.

    i don't know if north korea would actually able to prolong its rogue state status. given the bad economic situation, threats and trade sanctions being opposed against them, it may appear that their nuclear weapons would merely be the bargain chip for them to reassert themselves in the global community, eliminating the rogue status from the international regime.

    i'm neither a believer nor dissuader of juche, or shall i highlight it as a constrained world view for hypernationalism doctrine dictated on nation state level...

    but, what i am trying to address here is definitely the revolutionary pursuit. question to tackle here is not quo vadis north korea, but rather quo vadis revolution.

    that being said, should north korea fails in its revolution in the purest form, it might just be the beginning.

    now lets see how iran would take over the storm in the future. arguably, with lesson being learned, just how they are mastering all the flaws of north korea nuclear weapon development programme by utilizing underground facilities, perhaps will see a more radical form of revolution.