Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blank Box Open Studio

Hello everyone, truth be told, we haven't been busy as BASITU but personally, we have been working like snow dogs. Hah hah. These are pictures of our open studio which happened during Buy Nothing Day at MAP, Dutamas. Thanks to those who came and got slapped and slapped and stuff!

Blank Box gives back to society in conjunction with 'Buy Nothing Day' and its inaugural open studio day.

The occupants of the Blank Box are highly dedicated to giving back to society. Despite having neither experience nor expertise, they are going to go out of their way to provide society with the following services for free:
  • Marriage counseling (by single people)
  • Career advice (by unemployed artist)
  • Illegal advice (by law abiding citizens)
  • Psychotherapy (by psychos)
  • Anger management therapy (by angry mother*****)
Plus free portraiture drawing services by Munkao; Penny Yuen will give away free love; chi too will listen to your problems; Han will write letters to your loved ones; and Dill Malik will look pretty and serve you coffee.

Psychotherapy session by chitoo

Not an installation.
Not an installation.
Free love and plants by our studio-mate, Penny Yuen!
He really did close his eyes!

That's Penny. She's single and she's green luvvin and she loves cats.
Prior to chitoo getting the tightest slap in his life.
Han (our Project Manager for 3rd Pyongyang) wrote unrequited love letters.

All in all, Munkao probably drew close to 60+ portraits! chitoo got slapped by about 5-7 brave men (some got slapped back for not slapping hard enough), and Dill gave some precious career advice. On the other Han-d (lol), wrote about 15 pieces of love letters, which should've been sent by mail last week.

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