Saturday, June 5, 2010

3rd Pyongyang International Arts Festival in Kuala Lumpur

Nobody Nobody but Il, by chitoo

Interview on BFM by Organiser #1, Organiser #2 and Organiser #3

* * *
Poster by Fahmi Reza
Project managed by Tshiung Han See, Simon Soon, and BASITU
Photos (below) by Munkao

The 3rd Pyongyang International Arts Festival arrives like a punch to the face! It has arrived three times!
There is no need to mark June 5th on your calendars—it has already been marked for you!
The 3rd Pyongyang International Arts Festival features a hensem dictator, hot chicks performing mass games, MK-0 Dong tiger missiles, anti-American love, Korean diplomats, celebrities, ChatRoulette, karaoke, DMZ table, and more!

Through the medium of dance, video, performance art, music, we hope to share with the people of Malaysia, glorious works of art from the international second world and demonstrate a refreshingly new direction in the art of satire and parody, which KL has yet to experience.

Don’t miss The Wonderboys, a brand new band that will be performing for the last time, before its members pursue lucrative solo careers. Join The Best Art Show in the Univers, CIPLAK, Mark Teh, Fahmi Fadzil, Ray Langenbach, Wong Siew Jye, Daniel Chong, Jun Kit, Sharon Chin and other state-approved artists in a beautiful and stirring tribute to the Motherland. After curfew, let the fond sounds of Flica wash over you, accompanied by a video installation by Fairuz Sulaiman.

The 3rd Pyongyang International Arts Festival will illegitimately occupy a derelict town house in the heart of KL. It will also illegitimately occupy your heart. Attendance is required. Admission is free.

* * *

Line-up include:
The Best Art Show in the Univers
Mark Teh
Fahmi Fadzil
Daniel Chong
Ray Langenbach
Sharon Chin
Wong Siew Jye
Jun Kit
and other state-approved artists
Also, special appearance by ABANG GUARD

* * *
Many diaspora comrades from Malaysia come
Datuk Ray Langenbach’s ribbon cutting ceremony after his stirring and educational lecture/speech
Fire breathing pet dragon courtesy of the Dear Leader and Ciplak
Ciplak’s gig, playing to anonymous Chatroulette attendees projected on the wall behind
Chinese comrade Wong Siew Jye soothing tired-of-WTF audiences
The Wonderboys, a group of South Koreans who defected to North Korea and formed an amazingly successful band, however, this is their last performance
Daniel Chong’s serenade to the Dear Leader
The Abang Guards of Prevention plays to a roaring crowd and a blonde boy from god knows where who stayed on ChatRoulette just to watch them play and gave two thumbs up!
Junkit’s interactive ikebana/disco performance
Near the end of the night, The Best Artshow in the Univers closes the event with a bang in their participatory fireworks performance
Daniel Chong posing at the DMZ table in his staring performance/competition titled “The Game”
Mark Teh and Fahmi Fadzil’s World Cup Challenge performance, Mark played as the North Korean team and took on all challengers as Fahmi provides live commentary
Princess Leia and Obi Wan with a Korean made lightsaber
Obi Wan as one of the bartenders
HKPT's video installation/performance. Carbonmarrow
Soft sounds waft from Fairuz Sulaiman/Flica’s music/installation room
Dill Malik’s paintings of our greatest and dearest leaders
The festival is a resounding success! Shieko and Munkao’s tourist trap. Now everyone can feel like a north korean. Long live the revolution!

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