Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Best Day Of Your Life

Bernice Chauly
I suppose Sharaad Kuttan forgot what he was supposed to read?
I forgot what chitoo was up to, but it was something funny
Curator, Simon Soon
Maya Tan Abdullah, theatre actress, writer, mother, painter, smirking at us
Performance art by Maya Tan Abdullah and Ayam Fared
Panda Head Curry, yes that is Ben Liew dressed as a cow
Abdurrahman & His Laundry Bag

Poet Tshiung Han See striking a rather suggestive pose
Cinnamon Poppyseed Copycakes by Shobee Seelan

* * *
The Best Day Of Your Life

A brand of cupcakes, Copycakes, and T-shirts by artists for sale

2PM - 5PM
- Readings
- Avant-garde Performance by Rumah Anak Theater
- Panda Head Curry
- Abdurrahman & his Laundry Bag

7.30PM - 10PM
- Artist Talk
- Video Screening by Dill Malik, 'All my Successful Attempts'
- Filmmakers Annonymous #12 (Link)

*All photos by Juria Toramae

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